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Information for Knox County Residents

In keeping with our mission to care for all patients, listed below are some guidelines to assist you in understanding available financial assistance options. So that you may be able to receive other medical services such as prescription coverage, as well as services offered beyond Knox Community Hospital, we request persons applying for financial assistance at KCH to apply for Medicaid or other governmental options.

So that we may meet the needs of patients in our community we encourage those who may be eligible for health insurance plans offered through other means to do so. We will schedule procedures for under insured patients or patients receiving partial financial assistance after we receive authorization from their insurance company. Please make arrangements for any expected balance payment amounts before having a procedure.

To accommodate individual needs, if a patient’s medical bills (after insurance payments) are three times their annual salary, their case will be reviewed to provide the best financial assistance option available to them. Financial assistance is only available for medically necessary procedures.

NOTE: Please bring in a current bank statement when filling out/submitting an application for financial assistance.

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