Become a KCH Volunteer!
Volunteer Services

Volunteers are people who make a difference because of the role they play in meeting patient's needs or providing essential services and lending support to our hospital community. The Volunteer role is extremely important at Knox Community Hospital by setting an example for all of us ... they work for the satisfaction of helping others.

As a volunteer at Knox Community Hospital, you'll enjoy many rewards. You will feel a sense of accomplishment, learn new skills, meet new people, make new friends, and be a part of a team that is committed to improving the health of those we serve plus make an invaluable contribution to your community. We truly appreciate our volunteers and their gift of time!  In addition, here are a few other benefits that Knox Community Hospital volunteers enjoy:

  • Making a difference in the lives of patients and families
  • Reserved parking
  • Complimentary meal when volunteering
  • Free flu vaccine
  • Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event
  • Gift Shop discount

Most volunteers commit to one three-or four-hour shift per week. Day and weekend (volunteer) shifts are available. In addition, there may also be project opportunities depending on your unique skills and interests.

We so hope you'll join the KCH Volunteer Team!
Cathy Windsor
Volunteer Coordinator

Monday - Thursday  
8 AM - 4:30 PM